The Terrorists Are Doing Their Job

  ROTTERDAM – Why is it that refugees make it so damn hard to be pro-immigration? God forbid that another asshat drives into a group of people. A 23-year-old Afghan this time according to news sources. Or not. They might have arrested the wrong guy. I’ve been fascinated by radicalisation for a while now- I […]

Cyber security and the 2016 American elections

If there is one thing we did not take away from this disastrous election season, it is a harsh lesson in cyber security. From Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server to the DNC hacks to the hacked e-mails of John Podesta, former chairman of the Hillary campaign, published by Wikileaks, they all have one thing in […]

Wikileaks or Wikihacks?

ROTTERDAM – Since its foundation in 2006, Wikileaks has been the subject of much controversy. Although initially lauded by some for the whistleblower protection they offer and their efforts to promote transparency, Wikileaks and especially its founder Julian Assange, have been heavily criticised for their involvement in the 2016 American election. Wikileaks published documents and […]

We’re On the Highway To… where?

ROTTERDAM – We’re all on the crazy train to dystopian urbanism, stacked like boxes in cities angrily tweeting about the political elite and how they all fucked us over. We’ve come to the point where we prefer strongmen over endless debate. Left- and rightwing have entrenched themselves so deep their political message feels like a […]

Why The Populist Always Wins

ROTTERDAM – Imagine you’re sitting across from someone at a party who just proclaimed that immigrants are ruining this country. You just forced down your glass Merlot and tried to not get into this shit, but you just can’t help yourself, and you ask him (it’s always him) why he might think that. ‘Cause it’s […]

Waarom Deze Corpsballen Beter Zouden Moeten Weten

ROTTERDAM – Nederlandse nieuwste controversie is ontgroening. Om de paar jaar komt er een studentenvereniging in het nieuws vanwege enige wanpraktijken: eerstejaars die teveel alcohol of water drinken, in brand worden gestoken, met hersenletsel in het ziekenhuis worden opgenomen.. je kan het zo gek niet bedenken of het is een keer gedaan tijdens corporale ontgroening. […]

The State of the World: (3) The Businessman in Politics

ROTTERDAM – In lieu of the first American presidential debate, I decided to write this next piece about the businessman and his political career. Mind you, this is not specifically about Donald J. Trump, although it in a way very much is, since he embodies everything that is modern business and simultaneously everything that’s wrong […]