We’re On the Highway To… where?

ROTTERDAM – We’re all on the crazy train to dystopian urbanism, stacked like boxes in cities angrily tweeting about the political elite and how they all fucked us over. We’ve come to the point where we prefer strongmen over endless debate. Left- and rightwing have entrenched themselves so deep their political message feels like a […]

(case study) – HANDS UP I CAN’T BREATH DON’T SHOOT *#(@*!^!)#_!_

KAMPALA – To write about racism and not to mention the shitshow that has been going down in the U.S. would be ignoring a major debate on racism. As a non-American hailing from a country where the police do not randomly shoot people, the media circus and the “debate” in the U.S. on the killings […]

(case study) – BLACK PETE

KAMPALA – Of course, not all racism is engrained in behavioural patterns and unconscious associations, nor are all its institutions hardly visible. Sometimes, cultural traditions from racist eras, the black pages of European and American history, are continued because, well, that’s what traditions do. These symbolic practices carry with them enormous value, even if the […]


KAMPALA – I wonder how inevitable grouping according to race is. In the Netflix series Orange is the New Black (2013), the female prison finds itself divided along lines that are racial and ageist, described by red lip-sticked lady with a lovely Brooklyn accent as “tribal” (and absolutely not racist): there are whites, blacks, hispanics or […]


KAMPALA – Let me back-track and first write about race in Uganda. Nigerian-born Americanah character Ifemulu said she became black the moment she went to the U.S. Not that she wasn’t black before, but the construct of black as a minority can only exist if you as a black person, are indeed a minority. Here […]


KAMPALA – In my last post I wrote about who the Modern Racist might be, and my argument that we were not talking about neo-Nazi’s, extremists, or old geezers with a Southern-Texan accent. Modern racism is embedded in our culture, it is a systemic force that makes you check our wallet when someone suspicious-looking passes you […]


KAMPALA – Modern racism is a phenomenon that is increasingly harder to talk about. Like bigotry, it has gone underground, and emerges often in the forms of habits, expressions, subconscious associations, and internalised superiority or inferiority, which in turn find their source in institutionalised racism. We think of the Racist as a white hillbilly spouting […]