The Terrorists Are Doing Their Job


ROTTERDAM – Why is it that refugees make it so damn hard to be pro-immigration? God forbid that another asshat drives into a group of people. A 23-year-old Afghan this time according to news sources. Or not. They might have arrested the wrong guy. I’ve been fascinated by radicalisation for a while now- I just want to understand why people would willingly give up their life for such a meaningless act. Surely, it brings no closer the emergence of this Caliphate these people are raging about. But you finally made it out of Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. You’re in a Western country. It’s not as brilliant as you’d hoped, but hey, there’s no ISIL and no Taliban and you’ve got food and shelter and there are no bombs.. so why the hell go ahead and ruin your prospects and those of your fellow country people by killing yourself and taking innocent lives with you?

What exactly is it that these people think they stand to lose? What is it that they want to gain with such a barbaric act? This isn’t going to be one of those articles about ‘why they hate us’. I think we’re a bit beyond that.

Sometimes I’m tempted to set foot on the extremist side and just say ‘no more’. No more immigrants, no more playing nice and following the rules. We let these people in and then shit like this happens. We don’t know who to trust and there is no way to verify it anymore. We got thousands of people coming in and we’ve lost control.

But have we? In 2015 over 1 million refugees arrived in Europe. About 200,000 got asylum. Most of them got send back, and some are here illegally. In 2016 most European countries admitted ever fewer immigrants. We are playing hide-and-seek when it comes to dealing with this problem collectively. After all, we have border countries like Italy and Greece, whose shores take in a lot of these refugees. We have the Balkans through which people hike to Western-Europe. And we’ve got 750 million people already living here. On that scale, one million extra doesn’t seem that much, yet somehow it seems all of our facilities are overwhelmed and there is no decent plan out there besides the populist ‘let’s kick them all out and lock ourselves in’.

The UNHCR is supposed to assist the regional countries surrounding the area of conflict with the flow of refugees. Syria’s a monstrous place, regardless of whose exact fault it was. To be honest I am hesitant to complain about foreign policy and say it’s all on Obama or Putin. Foreign policy is often reactionary- shit goes down and you react. I don’t think we are steering the course anymore, which is perhaps an even more frightening than saying someone screwed up.

So the UNHCR assists countries like Lebanon and Jordan with their Syrian refugees. Makes sense. That way the refugees stay close to home and can go back once it’s safe again. Also, they don’t come here. Armed conflict tends to occur in poor regions so it’s perfectly sensible for us, the wealthier countries, to assist financially. However, Syrian refugees in Lebanon were put on a diet because the UNHCR didn’t get quite enough money from the member-states of the UN. So much for that.

So now they’re coming here. Of course they are. Wouldn’t you? They want a bigger slice of the cake and we have most of the cake. But some don’t want no cake. Some just want to act defiantly. They want to show how they can hurt us. That’s what terrorism is. Ultimately, they want to scare us into doing something. And we’re getting scared, aren’t we? I know I am.

They’re not going to kill us one by one. They’re not going to invade or take over and implement Sharia law. We’re not going to lose our continent to the people who hack off hands of thieves and drunkards. I understand that it’s a scary scenario, but we’re in no way even remotely close to that. They attacked in Berlin because of an entirely different reason.

It’s recruitment. It’s a show-off. It’s a battle of ideas, essentially. They want a clash of civilisations. Right now, they’re a bunch of violent extremists stuck in some desert getting attacked from pretty much all sides. They’re lonesome, in a way. Their belief in a global jihad is only sustainable if the 1 billion Muslims join them.

And what would be a better strategy than to make people scared of the Islam? To make people suspicious of Muslims? To drive the clash of civilisations is exactly what they want. These are manipulative and power hungry people who have invented an ideology that has people blowing themselves up, people decapitating other people, and a lot of innocent people living in a totalitarian pseudo-state. Coincidentally, these few people are in charge of this entire fucked up circus. Their authority is almost limitless, there are no checks and balances, and they like to keep it that way.

That’s what the masters want. Never mind the terrorists who hate us, extremist ideology is always controlled. Just like in a cult, there’s a charismatic leader who got people to drink the kool-aid. If we want to delegitimize his narrative, don’t be scared. Don’t let terrorism do what it’s designed to do. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Our core values of equality, freedom, democracy, and tolerance are at stake here, and we shouldn’t sacrifice those to lull us into a false sense of security and let the fear mongers take charge.

We can’t sit idly by either. Doing nothing really isn’t an option at this point. Stand up and show that you’re not afraid, that you’re not a victim and subject to the manipulation of the leaders of ISIS. Show solidarity towards the people of different colour and religion, gender and subculture. But don’t sacrifice your core principles in an effort to cool things off.

But isn’t that what libtards such as myself say every time? Show no fear! Let’s learn to love the bomb! Go on with life like you’re used to, otherwise the terrorists win! We have marches, we light candles, reiterate we’re an open society and then nothing. France implemented that burkini ban. That’s about it. Meanwhile, the people who want to shut down our borders are gaining momentum.

Clearly, there’s something up with our counter narrative. Truth is that we need the Muslim population in Europe. Our populations are getting older and we need young people to compensate for the babyboomers who are about to retire en masse.

The ways we are dealing with radicalisation, terrorism, security, and immigration (one big hot pot) doesn’t seem to work very well. We’re not going to make lists of Muslims and spy on ‘em. We already have those lists of suspicious people and sometimes those people end up bombing the place. Yes, he was on a watch list, but come on, do you really expect us to watch him?!

There needs to be a comprehensive approach that involves all stakeholders, but not one in which everyone complains and lobbies their way into some sort of fangless compromise. We need to act, and we need to act now. If we don’t, then in two years we will have an actual fortress Europe, with watch lists, hate crimes, and people scared of everyone wearing a hat that isn’t a hat.

We need to do better. Right now, immigration is a top concern of a lot of people and we need to show the European citizens that there is an alternative to the fear mongers. To the hysteric talk about how we’re losing our country to a bunch of goat fuckers.

Be strong, and I just want to add: fuck those guys. Fuck those manipulative barbaric power hungry senselessly violent leaders. Fuck ‘em.


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