Why The Populist Always Wins

ROTTERDAM – Imagine you’re sitting across from someone at a party who just proclaimed that immigrants are ruining this country. You just forced down your glass Merlot and tried to not get into this shit, but you just can’t help yourself, and you ask him (it’s always him) why he might think that. ‘Cause it’s […]

AMY, AMY, AMY: a coincidental collection of circumstance

ROTTERDAM – Now that I’ve seen the well-received documentary “AMY“, her lyrics on how they are trying to make her go to rehab (and she said “no, no, no”) got a well-deserved and slightly different spin to it. This wonderful yet quite depressing film about the life of jazz singer Amy Winehouse, who met her […]

(part V) – (RE)SOLUTION

KAMPALA – If the responsibilities for the radical change that is necessary for us to survive and prosper as a species cannot be left to those in their cradle of power because their first priority is to preserve this power while change might upset “national interests”, hegemonic power structures and power relations, or the grip on power […]