KAMPALA – In the so-called age of femininity and the feminization of society, being a man, a real man, no doubt, has been elevated to an art form. It is such a rare occassion, to meet a real man nowadays. Especially because we (read: all the female teachers) are teaching boys to be feminine and […]

ON WHY UKIP IS A RACIST PERSONALITY CULT (or Laments On Right-Wing Populism In Europe)

KAMPALA – The British Ukip party, led by Mr. Nigel Farage, has been airing their dirty laundry all over the press. After having lost the British national elections in his homestead, Mr. Farage, the unquestioned Leader of Ukip, resigned, only to reinstate himself four days later. A civil war within the party has been raging […]

(case study) – HANDS UP I CAN’T BREATH DON’T SHOOT *#(@*!^!)#_!_

KAMPALA – To write about racism and not to mention the shitshow that has been going down in the U.S. would be ignoring a major debate on racism. As a non-American hailing from a country where the police do not randomly shoot people, the media circus and the “debate” in the U.S. on the killings […]

(case study) – BLACK PETE

KAMPALA – Of course, not all racism is engrained in behavioural patterns and unconscious associations, nor are all its institutions hardly visible. Sometimes, cultural traditions from racist eras, the black pages of European and American history, are continued because, well, that’s what traditions do. These symbolic practices carry with them enormous value, even if the […]