The Terrorists Are Doing Their Job

  ROTTERDAM – Why is it that refugees make it so damn hard to be pro-immigration? God forbid that another asshat drives into a group of people. A 23-year-old Afghan this time according to news sources. Or not. They might have arrested the wrong guy. I’ve been fascinated by radicalisation for a while now- I […]

ON WHY UKIP IS A RACIST PERSONALITY CULT (or Laments On Right-Wing Populism In Europe)

KAMPALA – The British Ukip party, led by Mr. Nigel Farage, has been airing their dirty laundry all over the press. After having lost the British national elections in his homestead, Mr. Farage, the unquestioned Leader of Ukip, resigned, only to reinstate himself four days later. A civil war within the party has been raging […]