We’re On the Highway To… where?

ROTTERDAM – We’re all on the crazy train to dystopian urbanism, stacked like boxes in cities angrily tweeting about the political elite and how they all fucked us over. We’ve come to the point where we prefer strongmen over endless debate. Left- and rightwing have entrenched themselves so deep their political message feels like a […]

Why The Populist Always Wins

ROTTERDAM – Imagine you’re sitting across from someone at a party who just proclaimed that immigrants are ruining this country. You just forced down your glass Merlot and tried to not get into this shit, but you just can’t help yourself, and you ask him (it’s always him) why he might think that. ‘Cause it’s […]

The State of the World: (1) The Fairy-Tale of Capitalism

ROTTERDAM – If anything motivated me to write this series, it’s annoyance. I do consider myself an optimist of sorts, even if the state of the world depresses me sometimes, -too often these days. The newspapers, and TV, the blogospheres and the tweets, the on-line articles and the reclusive rants, everyone seems to have completely […]

It Has Been _0_ Days Since The Last Incident

ROTTERDAM – The Quetta hospital in Pakistan got bombed today by a breakaway faction of the Pakistani Taliban called Jamaat-ul-Ahrar. At least 64 people died, and by now even the righteous calls for attention to terrorism and its victims in far-away deserts have seized. I’ve heard them say apathy is the curse of postmodern civilisation, […]

ON WHY UKIP IS A RACIST PERSONALITY CULT (or Laments On Right-Wing Populism In Europe)

KAMPALA – The British Ukip party, led by Mr. Nigel Farage, has been airing their dirty laundry all over the press. After having lost the British national elections in his homestead, Mr. Farage, the unquestioned Leader of Ukip, resigned, only to reinstate himself four days later. A civil war within the party has been raging […]