The State of the World: (2) Corporate Life

ROTTERDAM – If there is any capitalist principle, it has to be the profit motive. It defines the outline our global economy and actually most that happens in it as well. Corporations are one of the most routine ways to socially organise in our societies. We call it ‘entrepreneurship’, and we’re in love with it. […]

The State of the World: (1) The Fairy-Tale of Capitalism

ROTTERDAM – If anything motivated me to write this series, it’s annoyance. I do consider myself an optimist of sorts, even if the state of the world depresses me sometimes, -too often these days. The newspapers, and TV, the blogospheres and the tweets, the on-line articles and the reclusive rants, everyone seems to have completely […]

It Has Been _0_ Days Since The Last Incident

ROTTERDAM – The Quetta hospital in Pakistan got bombed today by a breakaway faction of the Pakistani Taliban called Jamaat-ul-Ahrar. At least 64 people died, and by now even the righteous calls for attention to terrorism and its victims in far-away deserts have seized. I’ve heard them say apathy is the curse of postmodern civilisation, […]

Who Needs A Sixpack, When You Got The Nose?

ROTTERDAM – A six-pack? Oh, come on. Who needs a sixpack? We all have the dubious privilege to be acquinted with Axe. You know, the guys that make deoderant and shower gels specifically marketed towards 15-year-olds. Axe, of course, is the product that makes you irrestible. It makes scantily dressed, sexy angels fall from heaven in order […]

‘Twas Christmas Eve, and three refugees came knocking on your door…

ROTTERDAM – I don’t know about you, my dear friend, but there’ll be no holiday spirit for me this year. I don’t feel the warm glow and tis definitely not the season. Christmas in this part of the world is cold and wet, not white and crispy. It’ll most likely rain, and it’ll be windy, too. Inside, we’ll […]

AMY, AMY, AMY: a coincidental collection of circumstance

ROTTERDAM – Now that I’ve seen the well-received documentary “AMY“, her lyrics on how they are trying to make her go to rehab (and she said “no, no, no”) got a well-deserved and slightly different spin to it. This wonderful yet quite depressing film about the life of jazz singer Amy Winehouse, who met her […]


ROTTERDAM – .. and there’s not much love to go around. It’s a lyric from the Land of Confusion written by Genesis. The mass-murders in Paris last weekend left all of us in horror. It didn’t quite feel like a terrorist attack and more like a declaration of war. A show of might and violence […]