Who Needs A Sixpack, When You Got The Nose?

ROTTERDAM – A six-pack? Oh, come on. Who needs a sixpack? We all have the dubious privilege to be acquinted with Axe. You know, the guys that make deoderant and shower gels specifically marketed towards 15-year-olds. Axe, of course, is the product that makes you irrestible. It makes scantily dressed, sexy angels fall from heaven in order […]

(case study) – ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY?

KAMPALA – I was ready to move on to other topics, however, this morning I came across this article and this petition on change.org. This case is especially interesting because it relates to my previous case study on fat shaming, beauty ideals, and consumerism. This ad (the one shown above this article) is an advertisement that can be […]

(case study) – BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN

KAMPALA – In case you don’t know, BBW stands for “Big Beautiful Women”, “big” being a substitute word for “fat”, which sounds a bit less demeaning. After all, it sounds better to say that someone is “big” or “over-sized” than “fat” or “obese”, although they often refer to the exact same size. Now, after having […]

(part V) – THE BEAUTY (and the beast)

KAMPALA – Suppose we overcome the challenges of modern feminism, structurally address bigotry and sexism, and move towards a society that is (more) egalitarian. Gender would be a superfluous concept, and restrictive norms would be either loosened or replaced by others. Every individual would have access to a full range of human behaviours without being […]


KAMPALA – As someone who has considered himself a feminist for many years, these recent developments in popular culture that have given voice again to feminism, making it a *hot topic* were very exciting to me. I say were, because I have been getting increasingly frustrated with the discourse which modern feminism is placed in.  […]


KAMPALA – I once heard this story about Ugandan relationships. It is the task of the woman to walk the thin line between submitting her sexuality to her man and employing it herself. A Ugandan woman, was said, does not say “yes” to sex, but cannot say “no” either. Saying “yes” would take away the […]


KAMPALA – It would not be fair to discuss masculinity, its stereotypes and gender definitions without considering to what it is contrasted. Traditionally, masculinity and femininity were opposing identities, polarized in almost every dimension: sexuality, social roles, physiology, stereotypes. In the last century or so, with the rise of feminism (first, second, and third wave), […]